A Symposium on Emerging Plant Disease and Global Food Security, March 23-24, 2016,
Hunt Library, NC State

The Emerging Plant Disease and Global Food Security Chancellors Faculty Excellence Program cluster at NC State will host an international symposium March 23-24, 2016 in Raleigh, to bring together experts that study emerging plant diseases and their arthropod vectors. Managing the threats of emerging diseases that affect agricultural crop plants requires experts in genetics, biology, epidemiology, climate change, metadata analysis, geospatial analytics and global development policy. We will synthesize new developments on emerging plant disease biology and discuss an expanding array of new technologies to gather, analyze, synthesize, and share knowledge about emerging infectious diseases of plants that affect global food security. Four sessions with keynote speakers, a closing panel and posters are planned.


Opening Keynote: Dr. Nina Fedoroff, Willaman Professor of Life Sciences and Evan Pugh Professor, Penn State University, Former Science and Technology Adviser to Secretaries of State Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton


Plenary Session 1: Emerging Pathogens that Threaten Global Food Security. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Christopher Gilligan, Chair of the Cambridge University Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security


Plenary Session 2: Mathematical Modeling, Epidemiology and Geospatial Analytic tools to Track Outbreaks. Keynote speaker: Dr. Karen Garrett, Preeminence Professor, The Global Food Systems Institute and the Department of Plant Pathology, University of Florida.


Poster Session Huddles


Evening Reception, Dinner and Keynote Address: The State Club, Dr. Pamela Anderson, Director Agriculture Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


March 24, 2016


Plenary Session 3: Bioinformatic Tools to Track Emerging Pests and Pathogens. Keynote Speaker: Evolutionary Genomics of Phytophthora infestans, Dr. Michael Martin, UC Berkeley Center for Theoretical and Evolutionary Genomics


Plenary Session 4: Novel Detection Methods. Drone-ing for Plant Pathogens along Highways in the Sky, Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Schmale, Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science, Virginia Tech


Closing Panel: Challenges in Tackling Emerging Diseases in Africa: Dr. Angela Records, International Agriculture Research Advisor, USAID, Apollinaire Djikeng, Director of Biosciences East Africa- ILRI Hub, Paul Weisenfeld, Executive Vice President, Global Development, RTI

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